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 Wired Game Controller for Nintendo GameCube NGC Joypad Joysticks with Turbo & Slow Motion


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Bluetooth PS3 Controllers Problems

Bluetooth has gone a extended way when the technologies of infrared limits its energy in between only two devices. Bluetooth technologies could be the procedure that may let two or other extra electronic devices to wirelessly communicate with one another. It has replaced the cable technologies, which might be one of the most r...Read More

Driving Bluetooth Robot With PS3 Controller

In order to drive the robot with a PS3 controller, it is possible to combine the ability to read a PS3 controller's buttons and invoke key strokes with all the capability to send commands to the robot through Bluetooth with all the assistance from the Serial Monitor in the Arduino software program. The diagram above gives an o...Read More

Wii U GameCube Controller Adapter Can be compatible with more than just Smash Bros

Nintendo has explained to us that the Wii U GameCube controller adapter will only be compatible with Super Smash Bros. The corporation has transformed the listing around the accessory's official solution webpage and apologised for your mix-up. "The GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U is compatible with Wii U and Super S...Read More

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Dual Overhead Headset for XBox 360 with Microphone no Pack Points Shop

commented by robertalansr on 12/05/2014

I'm waiting on an item its showing shipped I haven't received it yet can you please clarify this confusionit is a over the head double headset for Xbox 360color: white and greyRead More

USB Rechargealbe Screen-Free Belt Clip Digital MP3 Player Black - US Plug Free Shipping

commented by BwRight on 12/02/2014

$4.62 because it's black? While all the others are only $2.35?Read More

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